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World's Toughest Mountain Biking Race Chooses SPOT Gen3 Satellite Trackers to Safeguard 400 Competitors

Satellite tracking, SOS button and geo-fencing to enhance rider safety and make rescue operations smoother during Titan Desert race

Dublin, Ireland - April 21st, 2016SPOT, the leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies, today announced that the organisers of this year’s Titan Desert race, the toughest mountain bike race in the world, have chosen to deploy SPOT Gen3 satellite trackers to enhance the safety of the 400 race competitors. Since 2007, SPOT has initiated over 4,200 rescues world-wide, many life-saving.

The 11th Titan Desert race, taking place from 24th – 30th of April 2016, sees extreme cyclists ride over 660km across Morocco’s cold Middle Atlas mountains followed by vast expanses of searing hot desert. Mobile communications in this remote and harsh terrain are either limited or completely non-existent, making satellite the only reliable way of communicating in this environment.

Each participant will have a small, robust SPOT Gen3 on their backpack, allowing race organisers, emergency support teams, sponsors, family and friends to precisely track each rider’s location online. Approximately 100 race marshals and operations personnel will also carry a SPOT Gen3 device.

In the case of emergency, a rider can press the device’s SOS button to request help. The SPOT Gen3 transmits his or her location to the organising team, making it easy to dispatch the closest support within minutes.

Athletic gear and tracking specialist WAA Tracking, a SPOT partner based in France, is providing Titan Desert with a customised online tracking solution. WAA’s mapping system makes it easy for anyone to locate the positions of individuals and track their progress.

If a competitor strays from the route, WAA’s geo-fencing software will alert race officials instantly. Nearby 4x4s can then be sent to find the rider, check that the participant is OK and, if so, direct them back onto the correct route.

“We chose to use SPOT Gen3 because of its proven success in the Marathon Des Sables, which also takes place in Morocco. As both endurance races operate in similar harsh conditions, we know that SPOT Gen3 is a cost-effective end-to-end solution that will keep our riders safe and provide peace of mind to their friends and families back home,” said Manuel Tajada, sports director of the Titan Desert race.

“This race gives the world’s best mountain bikers the ultimate challenge of cycling in extreme temperatures across gruelling landscapes and distances. Despite these conditions, SPOT Gen3 provides the reassurance that everyone involved will be safe and can be rescued quickly should the unexpected occur,” said Gary King, SPOT Regional Sales Manager.

SPOT Gen3 retails for €146 (excl. VAT) and can be purchased from any recommended SPOT retailer worldwide.


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