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SPOT Gen3 from Globalstar Selected to Track and Protect Spain's Forest Firefighters


  • Junta de Castilla La Mancha selects SPOT Gen3 safety and tracking device to support crews as they combat forest fires and wildfires
  • Castilla La Mancha firefighters join a growing population of fire management crews in North & Latin America who use SPOT Gen3s
  • Over 3,500 rescues worldwide to date thanks to SPOT

Dublin, Ireland, 16 July, 2015 - Globalstar Europe Satellite Services Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Globalstar Inc. (NYSE MKT: GSAT) and the leader in satellite messaging and emergency notification technologies, announced today that its SPOT Gen3™ safety device has been selected to track and protect teams of firefighters as they battle against forest fire and wildfires in the vast expanse of Castilla La Mancha in central Spain.

Junta de Castilla La Mancha, the administrative authority whose responsibilities include forest and wildfire management for this region, selected wildfire solutions specialist Technosylva to provide 250 SPOT Gen3 devices in order to safely track its forest fire and wildfire response teams and vehicles. Fire is a major problem in the dry and often hot region, and some 2,000 response personnel are always on standby to help keep forest and wildfire at bay.

Technosylva provides sophisticated fire behaviour analysis and management software. Joaquin Ramirez Cisneros, Principal Consultant at Technosylva, explains why Globalstar’s SPOT Gen3 was chosen to be an integral part of his company’s Wildfire Management System: “To keep our crews safe, it is critical to track where the firefighters are at all times, in relation to the engine and equipment resources, and how far away they are from the heart of the fire. Providing these professional teams with the communications and support they need in the extremely dangerous situation of wildfire is an absolute must.”

Ramirez Cisneros points to the SPOT Gen3’s integrated sensors that report when the device is moving, and its ability to be charged by USB as particular major benefits to firefighters.

Gavan Murphy, Director of Marketing, EMEA at Globalstar commented: “One can hardly think of a job that is more important and yet more dangerous than trying to contain and extinguish out-of-control forest and wildfires. We are extremely proud of the role that SPOT Gen3 and the Globalstar network play in supporting them in their efforts.”

The new agreement with Junta de Castilla La Mancha builds on earlier uptake by other fire fighting organisations in Spain, USA, Canada and in Chile.

SPOT Gen3 is a rugged, pocket-sized low-priced personal GPS messenger that helps users stay connected via satellite even where there is poor or no GSM signal.

With SPOT, emergency services can precisely track fire fighting team’s location, via a user-friendly display of GPS positions in near real-time via the Technosylva fiResponse™ platform, a wildfire decision support system based in ESRI™ technology . If a firefighter needs help urgently, with the single press of a button, emergency services will be alerted, their GPS coordinates will be transmitted, and their rescue operation be initiated.

SPOT Gen3 provides off-the-grid messaging, emergency alerts, extra long battery life, and extreme GPS tracking, with track check points capable of taking place as frequently as every 2 ½ minutes. The convenient SPOT App web-based interface allows co-ordinators to easily view their SPOT messages, show user’s track points and monitor people or assets via a smartphone or tablet.

SPOT devices have been used in over 3,500 rescues worldwide since Globalstar launched the technology in 2007, and they have given peace of mind to many thousands more people. With hundreds of thousands of SPOT units in service around the world, SPOT delivers affordable and reliable connectivity and real-time GPS tracking, providing reassurance when there is unreliable or no mobile coverage. In Europe, the SPOT customer base increased by over 7,000 in 2014, a record number of activations in any single year.
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About Technosylva Inc.
With offices in San Diego, USA and Leon, Spain, Technosylva provides GIS-based solutions for wildland fire protection planning, analysis & modeling, and operational response. Formed in 1997, they have a rich legacy of providing forest and wildfire management consulting services worldwide. Over the past 15 years they have been collaborating with wildfire management agencies across the globe to develop the industry’s leading incident, dispatching and resource tracking software available. As such, their flagship ESRI™ based products, fiResponse™ and Wildfire Analyst™, have been developed through years of applied use by emergency response professionals.  Proven and robust, their software will provide users with key information needed to make critical decisions – quickly and efficiently. Timeliness, integration and information sharing are the foundation of Technosylva’s products. They complement their software products with seasoned consulting services for wildfire analysis and modeling, fuels mapping, wildfire risk assessment, and encapsulating models into custom web and mobile applications development. Technosylva pride themselves in providing world-class wildland fire subject matter expertise coupled with leading edge technology. To do this they maintain close relationships with the world’s leading wildfire scientists, and regularly collaborate with partners to support industry research and servicing clients’ needs.

SPOT LLC, a subsidiary of Globalstar, Inc., provides affordable satellite communication and tracking devices for recreational use. SPOT Global Phone uses the Globalstar network to transmit two-way voice and data communications. SPOT messaging devices use both the GPS satellite network and the Globalstar network to transmit text messages and GPS coordinates. Since 2007, SPOT has provided peace of mind by allowing customers to remain in contact completely independent of cellular coverage, having initiated over 3,500 rescues worldwide. For more information, visit

Note that all SPOT products described in this press release are the products of SPOT LLC, which is not affiliated in any manner with Spot Image of Toulouse, France or Spot Image Corporation of Chantilly, Virginia. SPOT Connect is a trademark of Spot LLC. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

About Globalstar Inc.
Globalstar is a leading provider of mobile satellite voice and data services, leveraging the world’s newest satellite network. Customers around the world in industries like government, emergency management, marine, logging, oil & gas and outdoor recreation rely on Globalstar to conduct business smarter and faster, maintain peace of mind and access emergency personnel . Globalstar data solutions are ideal for various asset and personal tracking, data monitoring and SCADA applications. The Company's products include mobile and fixed satellite telephones, the innovative Sat-Fi satellite hotspot, Simplex and Duplex satellite data modems, tracking devices and flexible service packages. For more information, visit

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