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At 08:00 a.m. on Thursday 3 September 2015, Chaeli Mycroft, from Cape Town, South Africa, became the first female quadriplegic to summit Africa’s highest peak together with seven other climbers, Mount Kilimajaro. She and her team were tracked by a SPOT Gen3.

Leading up to the climb, one of the team’s biggest concerns was dealing with the lack of cellphone coverage on the mountain. Their aim was to send messages to friends and family back in South Africa, to reassure them that the team were safe and sound.

Charles Murray, Director of Africa Sales at Globalstar, found out about Chaeli’s inspiring attempt to summit Mount Kilimanjaro after seeing her interview on the Expresso Breakfast Show, and quickly called to offer she and her team SPOT satellite technology, which helps adventurers stay connected in areas beyond cellular. The SPOT Gen3 can be used to track your journey or adventure while you are off the grid. Perfect for sportspeople and adventurers such as boaters, cyclists, hunters, pilots and extreme athletes, the SPOT Gen3 safety device can summon help with the touch of a button. Functions include: custom messaging and movement tracking (Google Maps™) and letting your family know you’re ok. Also, with the push of a button, GEOS International Emergency Response Coordination Center provides your GPS coordinates and information to local response teams should the unexpected occur. Since 2007, SPOT products have been responsible for over 3,500 rescues worldwide.

Chaeli and the climbers started their ascent up Mount Kilimanjaro in the early hours of Saturday morning on 29 August 2015 and quickly found out just how difficult it would be to relay messages home to their loved ones back in South Africa due to the very limited cell phone signal on the mountain.

The SPOT Gen3 provided the GPS coordinates of Chaeli’s current location every 10 minutes. The location updates were plotted to Google Maps™ and anyone with the link to the Chaeli Kili Climbers SPOT Shared Page could follow the climbers’ progress in near real-time.

Andre van Kets, from Discover Africa, the travel company that took care of the team’s travel arrangements and the project’s logistics, said, “Without this piece of equipment and the map, the climbers’ progress would have been a complete mystery to people following the climb.” According to Jarred Manasse, Brand Champion at Discover Africa - who was tasked with updating Chaeli’s progress on the microsite found the tool very useful. Jarred says, “The SPOT tracker was a lifesaver. Geez that thing is so cool.”

As Chaeli and the team left for the summit just before midnight on Tuesday 2 September 2015, all eyes were on Chaeli’s SPOT Shared Page, as friends and family watched in earnest to see exactly when the climbers reached the peak of the highest free-standing mountain in the world.

“Don't anticipate getting too much sleep tonight. Will be following those red spots!” said Zelda Mycroft, Chaeli’s mother.

“According to tracker they made it to Gilman's a few minutes ago. Go you beauties,” said Andre Van Kets, Director of Discover Africa.

Chaeli and her team of climbers reached the summit on 3 September at 08:00 Tanzanian time.

After two years of planning and nine months of in-depth preparation, Chaeli has accomplished what many people think would be impossible. She has joined the ranks of the few ambitious mountain climbers to have reached the top of the highest peak in Africa and she is now officially the first female quadraplegic to reach the summit!

To learn more about this ground-breaking adventure and to follow Chaeli’s story in the aftermath, visit the microsite here:

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