Saving your Message Data

Saving your Message Data

Your message history is available in your SPOT account for the past 30 days. After 30 days, messages are no longer accessible but we have provided tools for you to be able to save your data.

Option1: Save via SPOT Adventures

We recommend this option because it's an easy and fun way to share your adventures with the SPOT Nation, your personal network or the general public - or just save them for yourself.

How do I do this?

  • Log in to SPOT Adventures
    Go to the SPOT Adventures tab at and sign in using your SPOT Username and Password. SPOT Adventures is automatically linked to all of the SPOT devices in your account.

  • Create and Manage Profiles
    Click on the Manage Profiles icon to add more information about yourself that can be shared with other members of the SPOT Nation. You can create multiple profiles in your SPOT Adventures account - so if there are multiple users associated with the SPOT account, each can create their own profile for SPOT Adventures or you can create different profiles based on your own usage of your SPOT devices (such as a Hiking profile and a Snowmobiling profile.)

  • Create an Adventure - the easiest way to save your messages
    Click on the Create Adventure icon and select the SPOT device and start/end dates of the messages you wish to save. Just name your adventure and your data is now saved beyond the 30 day window. Of course, you shouldn't stop there - upload photos and videos to your adventure map, and tell the story about your trip, then share it with others.

Option2: Save to your computer

You can also download your messages to your personal computer as data files in several popular formats, such as:

  • GPX (GPS exchange format compatible with many different applications)

  • CSV (comma separated ascii file)

  • KML (xml format compatible with Google Earth)

How do I do this?

To download your message data, go to and log into your SPOT account.

  • Go to My GPS Locations tab. Simply select some, or all of your messages from the message table. Use the select boxes or Select All | Select None option to do this. Then click on the Download as link found at the top of the message table.

  • Choose your format and follow the on screen directions to save to a file or open directly.

Disclaimer: Spot LLC is not responsible for any data not transferred or lost.
Dropped data transmissions, will not be credited regardless of cause.