SPOT Additional Services

SPOT Additional Services

Add services to your Basic Services Plan to customize a bundled plan that is tailored just for you.
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track icon Tracking
Tracking allows friends and family to follow your progress online in near real-time and saves waypoints so you can review your trip at a later date. SPOT Tracking automatically sends your GPS location waypoint to a Google Map™ at your custom rate of tracking (every 10 minutes with Basic Tracking, or every 2½, 5, 10, 30, or 60 minutes with one of the SPOT Gen3 enhanced tracking plans: Unlimited or Extreme Tracking). Learn More »
Spot Gen3 Spot Satellite Messenger Spot Personal Tracker spothug Starting at

(Included in the
Basic Service Plan for SPOT Gen3)
geos icon GEOS
GEOS provides the SOS/911 monitoring included in your Basic Service. You can upgrade to the GEOS Member Benefit for reimbursement of up to $100K in Search and Rescue (SAR) expenses – even coordinating a private SAR contractor if needed to get you to safety. Learn More »
Spot Gen3 Spot Satellite Messenger Spot Personal Tracker spothug 15/YR 1.99/MO
adventure logo SPOT Adventures
SPOT Adventures lets you share your adventures online with anyone - the SPOT nation, your personal network or the general public . You can create an Adventure with your SPOT tracks, waypoints and messages on a detailed map accompanied by photos, videos and stories. SPOT Adventures is free to SPOT customers. Learn More »

You can also create and share trips by exporting your SPOT data to
Spot Gen3 Spot Satellite Messenger Spot Personal Tracker spothug Included in basic service Included in basic service
type icon SMS Bundles
We give you 200 free SMS messages. Each message sent to an SMS contact beyond this, is charged at 0.15 per message. You have the option of buying 200 additional SMS messages for 20.

Please note: If you send a message to multiple SMS recipients, you will be charged by SMS recipient. This applies to both bundle and non-bundle customers.
Spot Gen3 Spot Satellite Messenger Spot Personal Tracker €20/200 Msgs
€0.15/Excess Msgs
sensor icon Sensor Alerts
Connect SPOT HUG to up to 4 monitoring sensors for battery, high water, engine/ignition or other external contacts. SPOT HUG will alert you via SMS and/or email when an event happens. 5 alerts provided with Basic Services to enable system testing. Sensor devices are not included with HUG but are available as accessories at marine electronics dealers. To accommodate as many sensors as possible, HUG can operate with accessories that require "OPEN" or "CLOSED" circuits. Learn More »
spothug 36.59/50 Msgs
1.22/Individual Msgs