SPOT Additional Service: GEOS Member Rescue Benefit

GEOS Search and Rescue

GEOS provides emergency rescue coordination and SPOT SOS/911 monitoring through the dedicated International Emergency Response Coordination Center (IERCC).

GEOS Search and Rescue

GEOS provides 911/SOS monitoring included in your basic service. You can upgrade to the GEOS Member Benefit for reimbursement of up to $100K in Search and Rescue (SAR) expenses - even coordinating a private SAR contractor if needed to get you to safety.

The Power Behind the Button
GEOS provides 911/SOS monitoring and emergency dispatch through the dedicated International Emergency Response Coordination Centre (IERCC) based in Houston, Texas.

The IERCC is manned 24/7 with dedicated and highly trained operatives who have access to emergency responders worldwide to ensure that in an emergency your situation will be dealt with efficiently and you will receive the resources you need. In fact, the average response time from the receipt of your 911/SOS message until referring an emergency responder is only 11 minutes, wherever you are in the world.

Once a SOS/911 message has been received, the IERCC calls your emergency contact(s) to make sure that it wasn't a false alarm. They locate and notify an emergency responder, and then maintain an open line of communication, including providing updates of your location if needed. The IERCC will also keep your emergency contact(s) informed.

The dedicated IERCC staff will always go the extra mile. If you upgrade your service to include the GEOS SAR Member Benefit and require it, GEOS will even locate a private SAR contractor and coordinate the SAR response. Only once you are safely out of harm's way and being treated in a hospital (if necessary) with your family notified, does the IERCC stand down and declare the incident closed.

Why Should I Upgrade?
A Membership in GEOS, including Search and Rescue, GEOS is insured with Certain Underwriters at Lloyd's of London to cover its liabilities for the benefits GEOS provides to Members, is available to all SPOT subscribers for only €15.00 per year or €1.99 per month (€24.99 per year or €2.50 per month for SPOT X). The GEOS Membership provides up to $50,000 per occurrence in reimbursement for qualified SAR extraction-related expenses for which you are held responsible up to two (2) events per year. GEOS Memberships also provide additional SAR coordination - including arranging private aircraft/helicopter charter, private search teams - if required to get you to safety. See full terms and conditions available at or

Do not assume that the official emergency services will have the personnel and equipment required available at that critical time when you need help fast. In some countries, there may not be official help available at all! Even within the United States, you may be held responsible for the cost of a medical evacuation via helicopter and that cost may not be fully covered by your insurance. Your €15 investment could save you up to $100,000 USD.

Secure Service
The GEOS IERCC location is supported by secure infrastructure housed in a nuclear-proof bunker 50 feet underground. To ensure continued service regardless of any environmental disasters the IERCC is equipped with:

  • Diesel generator back up for power
  • Two underground wells for water supply
  • Air filtration system for chemical, biological and radiological agents
  • Hardened/Secure facility and bunker

GEOS offers a wide variety of services that encompass security, safety and reliable communications for corporations as well as domestic and international travelers. These programs include monitoring weather and worldwide events, providing safe traveler programs, and providing corporate security monitoring and coordination. The GEOS programs are delivered through a fusion of state-of-the-art technology with the unparalleled experience of the very best and most respected specialists in the fields of international, personal and corporate protection and communications. To learn more about GEOS and the full range of services offered worldwide, visit Or, see here for other GEOS Products:

How Do I Get This?

Purchase GEOS Search and Rescue Memberships
Whether you are new to SPOT or a loyal user, it is easy to add a GEOS Search and Rescue Membership to your SPOT Service Plan.

New users: Simply purchase a GEOS Membership during activation for just €15.00 per year or €1.99 per month (€24.99 per year or €2.50 per month for SPOT X). This rate covers a single user, the SPOT owner. (Family memberships are available through GEOS).

Current cusomers: If you did not opt for the GEOS Member Benefit at time of activation, there are still other SAR programs available. The cost of these programs can range from €50 to €250 per year. That is why we recommend that you add GEOS upon first activation. It is the best deal!
Know You are Covered
Each year your SPOT renewal is due, your GEOS Member Benefit fees will renew at the same low rate of €15. All renewal fees are charged to your credit card automatically at time of renewal, which will provide you peace of mind to know you haven't lapsed your insurance.
Enjoy your SPOT
Go enjoy yourself. We hope you never have to use that S.O.S. / 911 button, but if you do, you can be assured that you are covered if any rescue fees would need to be charged. Smart thinking on your part for €15.