Brand Ambassadors

Richard Harpham –
Human Powered Adventurer

My adventures by canoe, kayak, SUP, bike and on foot have allowed me to explore different locations around the world from the wilderness of Alaska and the Yukon to cycling the Sahara. Often my team and I head out when others are battening down the hatches. I love sharing my adventures and travels with others to inspire them so am delighted to be part of the SPOT team. Current plans include heading to North Canada to take part in the Yukon River Quest (Canoe Race) and also Ski to the Edge, a 500 mile ski expedition finishing in the Arctic Circle.

Judith Obaya Arenas –
Motorcycle Adventurist

Traveling alone, across countries, leaving fears behind, watching the sun rise at the end of the World. It makes you grow, makes you big. Meeting people makes you evolve, turns you into a different being, in which the word freedom has a new value. This is the thirst I have: to travel. Thousands of stories to share with all thrill-seekers, shared with you, thanks to SPOT.

Duncan McCallum –

Over the years I have travelled from the Arctic ice flows to the Jungles of Columbia and many points in between. Split-boarding, climbing, mountain biking and adventure motorcycle riding draw me into places where I can be out of contact for days on end. The SPOT Gen3 provide my family and I with a degree of comfort and contact which is undeniably valuable. From the simple "Check-in/OK" message to the "SOS" message, the SPOT system takes some of the worry out of travelling and adventuring in remote and wild places.

Joel Jaile Casademont –
Extreme Runner

It's a great honour to be part of the SPOT ambassador family. SPOT provides me, my family and friends with a much greater deal of safety and security whenever I plan an adventure in hostile environments or take part in ultra-races in extreme conditions. Even in the coldest conditions, I feel safe. The support and recognition to be part of this family encourages me to keep going as I feel my sponsors and supporters around me all the time. I wouldn´t go anywhere remote or anywhere where I would put myself at risk without a SPOT". In 2016 I have set my eyes on important challenges like the Tor des Geants, the Transpyrinea or the Himalayas round trip and SPOT is the perfect partner to cover my back if I´m in trouble.

Ken Hoeve -
Extreme Paddle Boarder

"Often times the places we paddle are not only dangerous but also remote. SPOT keeps me connected so that in the event things don't go as planned I always have the ability to communicate with a rescue resource. Having a tool like this helps reduce the risks and allows me to focus on the rapids"

Scotty Breauxman, Moto -
Adventurer & Creator of BAJA Rally

"Riding alone in the Baja Rally CA desert seems like a careless risk. With my SPOT always within reach of either hand, it becomes a calculated risk. SPOT is as important to me as fuel and water."